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Verbund - KI: PlasticObs_plus - Maschinelles Lernen auf Multisensordaten der flugzeuggestützten Fernerkundung zur Bekämpfung von Plastikmüll in Meeren und Flüssen


Plastics monitoring, identification and capacity building in Indonesia

Recent research shows that Indonesian rivers are among the most polluted in the world. In response, the Indonesian government has launched the Indonesian’s Plan of Action for Combating Marine Debris,…



Several European countries were affected by the destructive floods that occurred in Central Europe in July 2021. The floods damaged infrastructure in the process, and large amounts of debris were…


AI enhanced Litter Harvester

The AILHA – AI enhanced Litter Harvester project aims to clean litter from the world's waters and returning the raw materials to the circular economy, e.g. through on-site recycling processes. For…



Aquatic plastic litter detection, classification and quantification in Vietnam

Plastic pollution has a variety of global impacts and is harmful against the environment, can damage the economy and enter the food chain. The economic damage caused by plastic pollution in Vietnam is…

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