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UM 2001 Tutorial on Personalization for E-Commerce
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Last update: Thursday, 8 March 2001

Personalization for E-Commerce

Tutorial to be presented at UM 2001

Anthony Jameson, DFKI / Saarland University / International University in Germany


This tutorial systematically compares and evaluates techniques that firms can apply in order to ensure that their electronic interactions with individual customers are adapted to the needs and preferences of those customers. Three categories of techniques are examined:

  1. User modeling techniques developed specifically for e-commerce:
  2. More generally applicable user modeling techniques that are especially useful in e-commerce settings:
  3. Personalization techniques that do not necessarily involve user modeling

For each type of technique, at least two examples that represent typical, contrasting approaches are presented - and where possible, demonstrated. The examples are compared systematically according to criteria that concern their suitability for application in e-commerce contexts. The tutorial notes contain supplementary textual material, including many pointers to web sites and electronically available publications.

The example systems range from commercially deployed systems to implemented research prototypes that are close to practical deployability. In addition to traditional web-based systems, examples involving mobile e-commerce are included.

The tutorial is designed primarily for those who are interested in the application of user modeling and other personalization methods in e-commerce. It presupposes no previous familiarity with user modeling.