This bibliography has two main frames:

1. Lower right-hand frame: A list of articles (and a few books), characterized using the concepts of the tutorial

2. Upper right-hand frame: A set of pointers to these articles, organized more or less as in the tutorial

There are many links between these two frames in both directions, which enable you to explore the information in various ways. The best way to understand the links is to try them out. (Anything in light blue print is a link; links are not underlined.)

The two smaller frames on the left permit quick access to a desired section of the set of pointers in the upper right.

You can resize the frames with the mouse so as to make the best use of the available screen space.

Downloading the Bibliography

To get faster response times, you can install the bibliography on your own computer as follows:

1. Create a new subdirectory (folder) (e.g., uas-bib) at a convenient place on your disk.

2. Download the zip file to the subdirectory uas-bib. (Last update: Wednesday, 24 January 2001.)

3. Unzip, using unzip, winzip, or whatever.

All necessary files will then be in the subdirectory uas-bib.

To access the bibliography, use the browser command "Open", "Open File", "Open Page" (or whatever) to open the file index.htm (without the letter l at the end) on the subdirectory uas-bib.

The bibliography can then be used independently of the internet, but of course the links to external pages can only be followed successfully if you're connected to the internet.

The bibliography will be updated at least during the first few months of 2001. If you would like to be informed about these updates, please send email to the compiler at