General Works

General Works / Conference Proceedings on User Modeling

General Works / Edited Volumes

General Works / Overviews Concerning Particular Types of Adaptation

General Works / Overviews Concerning Particular Types of Inference

General Works / Expositions of methodology for user studies in HCI

General Works / Other Overviews


Functions / Help U to Find Information

Functions / Tailor Information Presentation

Functions / Recommend Products or Other Objects

Functions / Help U With Routine Tasks

Functions / Adapt an Interface

Functions / Give Help

Functions / Support Learning

Functions / Control Dialog

Functions / Support Collaboration

Functions / Give Feedback

Functions / Other Functions


Properties / Personal Characteristics

Properties / General Interests and Preferences

Properties / Proficiencies

Properties / Current Goal

Properties / Noncognitive Abilities

Properties / Behavioral Regularities

Properties / Psychological States

Properties / Context of Interaction

Properties / Beliefs

Properties / Other Properties

Input Types

Input Types / Self-Reports on Personal Characteristics

Input Types / Self-Reports on Proficiencies and Interests

Input Types / Evaluations of Specific Objects

Input Types / Other Self-Reports

Input Types / Responses to Test or Practice Items

Input Types / Naturally Occurring Actions

Input Types / Low-Level Measures of Psychological States

Input Types / Low-Level Measures of Context

Input Types / Other


Inference / Rule Learning

Inference / Neural Networks and Related Techniques

Inference / Probability Learning

Inference / Instance-Based Learning

Inference / Other Machine Learning Techniques

Inference / Social Recommendation

Inference / Decision-Theoretic Methods

Inference / Logic

Inference / Stereotypes

Inference / Application-Specific Computations

Inference / Application-Specific Rules

Inference / Other Inference Methods

Empirical Foundations

Empirical Foundations / Results of Previous Research

Empirical Foundations / Early Exploratory Studies

Empirical Foundations / Informal Responses by Early Users

Empirical Foundations / Knowledge Acquisition

Empirical Foundations / Learning Parameters for Users in General

Empirical Foundations / Evaluations With an Empirical Database

Empirical Foundations / Controlled Evaluations With Users

Empirical Foundations / Experience With Real-World Use