[I-U Logo] Personalization
MICT IT 569, Summer trimester 2000/2001, 2 credits


The term personalization refers to a broad class of methods by which interactive systems do one or more of the following things:

Systems that employ personalization may, for example: recommend products to potential customers or web pages to internet surfers; tailor the presentation of complex information to the situation of the individual user or learner; adapt a user interface to the usage habits or perceptual limitations of the user; help people to find other suitable people with whom they can collaborate.

In this course we will look at a broad range of approaches to personalization. We will examine the questions that they raise, ranging from their impact on the quality of the user experience to the technical problems involved in their realization. General principles and concepts will be discussed, but always with reference to concrete examples, many of which will be presented via system demonstrations. By the end of the course you will be able to make well-founded decisions about ways of employing personalization in a variety of contexts.


At the beginning of the course, each student (or small group of students) will choose a specific system of interest to them in which various personalization techniques can be applied. Throughout the course, they will consider how the material presented in the lectures and readings could be applied to their system, writing up their results in a series of briefings. Part of each week's classes will be devoted to the the discussion of these briefings.



The course is open to all MICT students.


At the moment no coherent book on this topic exists (the instructor is currently working on one). The central resource will be the course slides, which will be distributed in printed form in class and made available electronically via the course web site. These slides include many references to articles available electronically via the world-wide web; some such articles will be assigned as weekly reading material.