Hints for Slide Printing and Viewing

These hints apply to the slides placed on the Web by Anthony Jameson. These slides exploit the flexibility of Adobe's PDF format to enable platform-independent printing, on-line viewing, and/or full-screen projection on the basis of a single file.


You can view each file directly in your Web browser if the Acrobat Reader has been installed as a plug-in.
But if you want to print it, or to view it at some length, it's better to save it to your disk and open in with the Acrobat Reader application.

Notes on Printing

Two slides per page will be printed, with a running head at the top of the page showing the section and the slide numbers for that page.
One-sided and two-sided printing work equally well.

Tips for On-Line Viewing

You'll probably want to zoom in on one slide at a time, for maximum legibility.

When you click on a bookmark in the left-hand window, the corresponding slide will be shown on the right, as large as the right-hand window allows.
You can widen the bookmark window by dragging the resizing button near its bottom right-hand corner.
To avoid seeing pieces of other slides, reshape the entire Reader window (using the usual method for your window management system) so that its right-hand window is about the same shape as a single slide (see the example below).

To move forward and backward one slide at a time (or to recenter the current slide) the you can use the invisible buttons in the title area:

[Single Slide View]

You will notice when you're pointing at a navigation button, because the cursor will take the form of a pointing finger. The button will turn black when you click on it.

To get a better overview, you can use the View option "Fit in Window" to see one or two full pages with two slides each. To zoom back in on a particular slide, just click on the (invisible) button in the middle of its title.

You can also zoom in on any part of a slide (e.g., a graphic) using the Reader's zoom function. To go back to the normal size, use the Reader's "Back" arrow in the middle of the toolbar.

[Bird's Eye View]

You can also view (or project) the slides in full-screen mode. In this case, the bookmarks can be invoked with the function key F5; they will appear in a separate small window.

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