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Collaborative Preference Elicitation in a Group Travel Recommender System

By Claudia Plua and Anthony Jameson (2002)

In F. Ricci & B. Smyth (Eds.), Proceedings of the ah 2002 workshop on recommendation and personalization in ecommerce (pp. 148–154). Málaga, Spain: Universidad de Málaga, Departamento de Lenguajes y Ciencias de la Computación.


When a recommender system requires users to specify their preferences explicitly and in detail, this process can become so tedious or impractical that the system is essentially inaccessible to some users. And where the recommendation is being made to a group, inaccessbility to one or more members may preclude use by the group as a whole. The present report describes work currently in progress on a way of facilitating preference specification which is especially applicable when a group of users is communicating asynchronously. Our preference elicitation interface explicitly encourages users to help each other with the preference elicitation task and to benefit from work that has been done by other members. The basic features of this approach are illustrated with examples, and some initial user testing is summarized.



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