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SPECTER: Building, Exploiting, and Sharing Augmented Memories

By: Alexander Kröner, Dominik Heckmann, and Wolfgang Wahlster (2006)

In K. Kogure (Ed.) Workshop on Knowledge Sharing for Everyday Life 2006 (KSEL06) (pp. 9-16). Kyoto, Japan.

Abstract: A comprehensive log of the user’s behavior together with corresponding context descriptions allows adaptive systems to learn about users, to identify their habits, and to improve the quality of user support. In addition, users can apply such knowledge to learn from others and about themselves. We describe in this article how these issues can be addressed by the means of augmented memories created from sensor data automatically captured in an intelligent environment. After discussing how to represent and process such memories, we show how they can be exploited by adaptive systems as well as by their users. One promising way of exploiting memories is to share them with others; this is reflected by the last part of our contribution where we explain how ubiquitous user modeling may enable the sharing of information inferred from memories.

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