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Usability Study for an Adaptive Collaborative Context- and Affect-Aware Shopping Assistant

By: Nathalie Basselin (2004)

Master's thesis, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes.

Abstract: This thesis discusses the integration of a collaborative agent (COLLAGEN) into SPECTER: user and agent communicate with and observe each other, and interact with the environment and shared interfaces. The usability engineering methodologies used to ensure and evaluate the acceptance of this integration covered 1) the study of the user's usual shopping behaviour and strategies and their requirements via contextual inquiry, 2) the design of the interfaces for the shopping scenario and for the agent through contextual analysis and conceptual model, and 3) the prototype testing focusing on collaboration.
The thesis provides among others results of the contextual inquiry, such as the hierarchical analysis of the shopping task, which can be considered as a first basis of knowledge of the collaborative agent about the shopping domain.
The thesis addresses also the privacy and interruptibility issues: means have to be determined to notify the user. Voice synthesis has been rejected by users because of privacy issues. Means of notification have to be adapted to the user's environment, attention and focus. The hierarchical task analysis helps in determining the most opportune times for notifications. The acceptance of a notification is directly related to the level of the tasks between which the notification takes place, to the nature of the task that the user is performing, to the social context and also to time pressure and the user's emotional state.

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