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Configuration and Introspection of Situated User Support

By: Stephan Baldes, Alexander Kröner, and Mathias Bauer (2005)

In M. Bauer, B. Brandherm, A. Jedlitschka, & A. Kröner (Eds.) Proceedings of LWA 2005, Lernen Wissensentdeckung Adaptivität (pp. 3-7). Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany.

Abstract: User support which takes into account the user‘s current context is a key issue of ambient intelligence applications. In this contribution we address the question of how a user may configure and keep control of situated user support. Background of our work is a system, which creates an augmented, personal memory from events perceived in an instrumented environment. We show how the user may –assisted by the system– perform a collaborative introspection of this memory in order to learn about and to exploit past events for user support. In particular we discuss methods for evaluating events and for acquiring proactively feedback in order to improve the quality of a binding between situations and system services.

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