15/12/2018 We achieved a new milestone in our EIT project ERICS: The chatbot Eike, which is based on our multimodal multisensor platform, was launched at
01/01/2018 Interakt: Daniel Sonntag becomes new editor-in-chief of the German Journal of Artificial Intelligence.
12/12/2017 ERICS: German Telecom launches the Capiche product based on DFKI's ERICS server (in German):
14/09/2017 ERICS provides cloud-based translation and search services to improve communication with refugees in Europe when they are looking for online information about their integration. dmexco_showcase
13/09/2017 DFKI supports GPU mobility concept via 5G.Human Robot Control
08/09/2017 DFKI provides open-source software tools to be downloaded from the Software section. For example, Fine-tuning deep CNN models on specific MS COCO categories (PDF). It covers our freely available software py-faster-rcnn-ft which allows straightforward fine tuning of deep convolutional neural networks for image classification.
18/05/2017 handbook cover ANNOUNCING The Handbook of Multimodal-Multisensor Interfaces: Foundations, User Modeling, and Common Modality Combinations. Volume 1 EDITORS: Oviatt, Sharon; Schuller, Bjorn; Cohen, Philip R; Sonntag, Daniel; Potamianos, Gerasimos; Krueger, Antonio PUBLISHER: Morgan and Claypool/ACM Press. This is a THREE volume series that presents the definitive state of the art and future directions of the field of Multimodal and Multi-Sensor interfaces.
15/05/2017 The EIT Digital NewsRoom entry published ERICS Roadmap in Digital Cities. See also the EIT digital news entry.
01/02/2017 DFKI releases video about anomaly detection use case within distributed digital manufacturing architecture.
26/01/2017 Kick-off ERICS in EIT Digital Infrastructure; we will adapt the digital manufacturing architecture to the ERICS usecases of real-time multimodal interaction and interactive machine learning with crowd-sourcing options.
15/12/2016 DFKI deploys distributed digital manufacturing architecture at Siemens corporate technologies.   jmgbembkhofocfgp  
30/11/2016 Springer Professional features our publication "Overview of the CPS for Smart Factories Project: Deep Learning, Knowledge Acquisition, Anomaly Detection and Intelligent User Interfaces"
27/10/2016 DFKI conducted a user study regarding the evaluation of the handwriting and gesture recognition systems used in Smart Factories. The study was carried out in cooperation with MyScript  and attracted a total of 120 participants.
25/10/2016 Our publication gaze-guided object classification using deep neural networks for attention-based computing is featured by Pupil Labs. We built our software on top of their open source eye tracking platform.
01/10/2016 Patrick van der Smagt joins Volkswagen Data Lab  and leads an new AI division on Robotic Enterprise.
28/09/2016 ELTE and DFKI present two technical papers about deep learning for gaze estimation and hand gestures at KI 2016.
17/09/2016 Moniri et al. in cooperation with MADMACS win Best Video/Demo Award at the 12th International Conference on Intelligent Environments 2016 (IE 2016) with the HRI paper: Human Gaze and Focus-of-Attention in Dual Reality Human-Robot Collaboration.   IE16 Award
14/09/2016 DFKI presents 4 smart factories demos at Ubicomp 2016.
05/09/2016 Michael Barz participates in The International School on Human-Centred Computing (HCC 2016) and demonstrates our gaze-based techniques towards spatial reasoning in smart factories.
13/05/2016 Joint press release of Volkswagen AG and DFKI: Volkswagen participates in DFKI and becomes a partner (shareholder). In a joint carrier project for cps for smart factories, Volkswagen and DFKI have started to develop a software framework to allow for new collaborative HRI (human-robot interaction) scenarios.
Prof. Wolfgang Wahlster (CEO, DFKI), Dr. Martin Hofmann (CIO, Volkswagen Group), Matthias Müller (CEO, Volkswagen Group), Dr. Karlheinz Blessing (Board Member for Human Resources, Volkswagen Group), Bernd Osterloh (Chairman of the Group Works Council, Volkswagen Group), Prof. Jürgen Leohold (Head of Volkswagen Group Research). Photo: Volkswagen Group
11/05/2016 Daniel Sonntag will present our activity at ESWC 2016 for EU H2020 networking.
06/05/2016 Mehdi Moniri presents DFKI's smart factories Baxter demonstrator Eyebots to Joachim Gauck, the President of the Federal Republic of Germany. See the future scenario of this human-robot interaction demo here.
Mehdi Moniri presents DFKI's smart factories Baxter demonstrator Eyebots to
Joachim Gauck, the President of the Federal Republic of Germany
14/03/2016 DFKI presents with EyeBots a new form of Human-Robot-Collaboration (HRC) at CeBIT 2016, contact We thank our sponsors BMBF, MADMACS, EIT DIGITAL, and SMI.
29/09/2015 Patrick van der Smagt is keynote speaker at IROS 2015, see keynotes. Slides are available here.
22/09/2015 New Carrier programme: One of five Federal competence centers of Industry 4.0 in Germany will be opened in Kaiserslautern at DFKI and smartFactory.
02/09/2015 New Carrier programme: DFKI and ZeMA signed a cooperation agreement for "Power4Production" (P4P); smart production technologies in the automobile sector are in the focus.
27/08/2015 We will exhibit at AUTOMATICA 2016, the leading platform for optimizing your production processes.
22/08/2015 Siemens. Facts and Forecasts. Boom for Learning Systems: Autonomous Robots and Smart Machine Market.
16/03/2015 Markus Weber (DFKI, CPS for Smart Factories) wins one of the CeBIT Innovation Awards 2015.
Presentation of the award by Deutsche Messe AG: (l.t.r) Federal Research Minister Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka, Markus Weber, and jury members (Photo: ©BMBF/Janto Trappe)
01/01/2015 CPS for Smart Factories integrates the EIT cPAS activity and focuses on combined use cases in the steel and robot domain. We welcome our new Industry 4.0 partners from Fraunhofer (transfer of DFKI's digital product memory technology).
27/11/2014 Datagarten is a spin-off company of Fortiss GmbH. It is our most recent EIC-ICT Labs Innovation spinoff within the CPS for Smart Factories activity.
27/11/2014 For solving distributed parallel computations in a scalable manner that can still undergo optimisation, ELTE proposes the Task Oriented Programming (TOP) paradigm. The international programmer workshop will take place in Budapest on December the 1st, 2014.
17/10/2014 DFKI unveils hand-writing and gesture based knowledge acquisition tool and the new  smart factories knowledge portal at Siemens Headquarters, Munich. See architecture.
24/09/2014 First Siemens patent filed!
20/08/2014 DFKI - Siemens Partner Contract signed.
20/02/2014 Kick-Off at EIT in München!